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Happy Holidays from Apex Pavers & Pools

We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season! 

Happy Holidays from Apex Pavers and Pools

December 24th, 2018 - Paver Driveways in Stuart, Swimming Pools in Stuart

Modern Paver Design by Apex Pavers and Pools

Modern Paver Design by Apex Pavers and Pools

Modern Paver Design: At Apex Pavers and Pools, we turn your ideas into reality!

Many of our customers bring in photos from Houzz, Pinterest and images from a Google search to their consultations. This makes the design select process easier since these images are an insight to your personal style. We’ll be able to show brands and materials that are in line with your personal taste.

Unique paver designs like the one shown above uses modern design applied to a classic stone material. Mixing the travertine stone with river rock in the walkway supports the modern design. The planters placed offset in the middle of the patio inserts interesting color and dimension to the backyard space.

Natural stone is great for outdoor use. Most customers are surprised at the low-maintenance of natural stone for patios, pool decks and walkways. Usually, a high pressure wash is just what’s needed to keep the travertine pavers looking good year-round.

Contact our design specialists today to make an appointment or visit our contact page to send an email.



October 23rd, 2018 - Paver Driveways in Stuart, Pavers in Jupiter, Pavers in Stuart

Paver Sealing and Cleaning: Protect Your Investment!

Paver Sealing: We don’t just design and install custom paver patios, driveways and pool decks- we clean and seal them too!

Apex Paver Cleaning and Sealing Stuart FL

We use industry-approved cleaning solutions to address those stubborn paver stains. Ideally, cleaning your pavers shouldn’t happen only when there’s a spill; rather, periodic cleaning will help protect the surface and prolong the life of the pavers. View our cleaning and sealing photo gallery here!

Sealing your pavers will protect the pavers from various environmental elements, therefore protecting your investment, and keeping your pavers looking in great condition. Our sealants offer UV protection, and will protect the pavers from damaging tropical rainstorms.

We will also inspect your paver surfaces for signs of grout loss. In a few years, you may need a re-grout, and we may recommend sand or a polymer sand instead. Polymer sand is intended to improve the paver interlocking system. The paver’s interlocking system is improved, and the grout (sand) won’t be washed away. It also helps in controlling weed growth between the pavers.

We can help you care for your existing paver surface- just give Apex Pavers & Pools a call! Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

The Apex Pavers & Pool Team
Transforming the Ordinary to Extraordinary

August 22nd, 2018 - Paver Cleaning & Sealing FL, Paver Driveways in Stuart, Pavers in Jupiter

Driveway Pavers and Borders

apex pavers contractor stuart palm beach fl Curb Appeal and Functionality – The two most important points to consider when designing a paver driveway. 

Driveway pavers that complement the home’s exterior, creating a path for driving cars and walkway space, and withstand the weight of vehicles is the ultimate goal when selecting driveway pavers. Once the overall design is finalized, the paver material, style, pattern and color will need to be selected next. Our driveway paver specialists will work with you to design the driveway walkway and select the paver shapes, sizes and colors.

Patterns: Traditional patterns such as Herringbone and Basketweave offer good stability for high traffic areas. The Ashlar pattern is more modern and offers the same stability, while Circular patterns as shown above create a relaxed feel to the home’s exterior.

Borders: While it might be tempting to match the border with the rest of the pavers, consider a different shape, color or texture than the rest of the pavers. This can add interest and a luxurious look to your driveway and create continuity to the exterior of your home.

If you’d like to speak to one of our paver specialists, please contact our team today to make an appointment: 772-419-5151 (Treasure Coast) or 561-844-9370 (Palm Beaches).

Apex Pavers & Pools

June 24th, 2018 - Paver Cleaning & Sealing FL, Paver Driveways in Stuart, Pavers in Jupiter, Pavers in Stuart

Apex Pavers & Pools: Video Presentation

We invite you to watch our video below to see our most recent custom pool and paver projects. Our portfolio can also be found on our YouTube Channel, Apex Pavers & Pools.

We offer custom design services for our residential and commercial clients. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Apex Pavers & Pools

February 27th, 2015 - Paver Driveways in Stuart, Pavers in Jupiter, Pavers in Stuart, Swimming Pools

Paver Walkways and Driveways Increase Value in Your Home

Apex Pavers and Pools | Paver Driveway
If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, consider a paver walkway and driveway. Investing in a paver hardscape is a well-documented feature that is a sure-fire way to not only enhance your home’s curb appeal, but the overall appraisal of your home as well.

There are several options to be considered when upgrading the hardscape of your home. While stones, mulch and other materials certainly function nicely, using them in conjunction with brick walkways and driveways is the best way to increase the impact of your curb appeal. Concrete pavers also allow your yard to have an organic feel. Design your hardscape to curve around trees, add a focal point in your backyard, or create additional parking space to your driveway, adding instant value to your home.

While an increase in value is important to your home investment, proper maintaining will ensure that your hardscape and surrounding landscape will protected for years to come. Sealing your pavers will help protect against stains from automobiles and organic material. Fixing broken pavers or filling displaced sand is imperative to protect your hardscape investment.

Apex Pavers & Pool can design, install, protect and maintain your new or existing hardscape surface. Contact us for a consultation today!

The Apex Paver & Pool Team
Transforming the Ordinary to Extraordinary

September 29th, 2014 - Paver Driveways in Stuart, Pavers in Stuart